Miss. HU Fashion Show

Springfest at Hampton University is a tradition that dates back many, many, years. It is essentially a homecoming in the spring semester, entailing the Miss. Hampton University Fashion Show, the Comedy Show and the Concert. This year was no exception; at every event masses of people were in attendance in celebration of yet another Hampton University Tradition.

One event that caused a lot of excitement was the Miss. Hampton University Fashion Show, which took place on Tuesday the fourth of April. The show is an annual tradition, directed by the current Miss Hampton University. This year Eyden Thomas, a Senior Sociology Major from North Carolina, conducted the show and with the help of Terrence Hamm the show was ultimately a success. The Garden of Eyden showcased the seven deadly sins, with each of the seven having their own scene.

Each of the seven sins; wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and finally gluttony had their own theme, background and even poster. When asked about the show Crooke Casion described it as being “captivating” and insisted that it was the best Fashion Show she had experienced at Hampton. Brooke Casion is a Sophomore, Aviation major who assisted in decorating the Ballroom prior to the show. “The whole, entire show was connected, from the time you saw the decorations in the student center inviting people to attend, to the time each of the models walked down the aisle,” says Brooke, “it was amazing.”

The show was not with out its unexpected excitement however when a former student took the stage during the audience walk-off. The male student, Dominique, was wearing an especially unique pair of heels and definitely won the walk-off. It turned out that Domonique was actually assisting in helping the models get ready when he heard the calls for the walk-off, and immediately came and took the stage! “It was so, crazy!” says Alexis Best a sophomore Biology major. “I couldn’t help but wonder if I could even walk in those heels as well as he could!”

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State of the Black Woman

As a Hampton woman one is expected to always go above and beyond and to pride herself on achieving greatness. A forum for black women called “The State of the Black Woman, Tuesday the 21st, gave even more clarity to that expectation. With three very distinct panels and diverse panelists many questions were answered not just about the Hampton woman but black women every where. The first panel consisted of four current Hampton students, two undergraduates and two graduates, all striving to succeed not only in hampton but in life. The second panel consisted of three women who are professors at Hampton University and the final panel consisted of three successful men.

State of the Black Woman

One of the women on the second panel; Dr. Sylvia Rose, a graduate of Hampton University did not hod back from speaking her mind when it came to the “state of black women today.” When asked about the stereotypes associated with Hampton women Dr. Rose did not necessarily see them as a bad thing. In her words “the Hampton is known for being bold, beautiful, and eventually boss!” She continued by saying “I don’t see the negative side to wanting to constantly better oneself, how is that bad at all?” Dr. Rose’s new twist on the Hampton woman’s stereotypes sparked a lot of conversation not just among the panelists but among the audience as well. Alexis Best, a sophomore at Hampton University, was especially moved by Dr. Rose’s comments, “I love the way she thinks of us, and as a graduate herself she has high hopes for us which allows me to have high hopes as well.”

The event was an overall success, a lot of questions were answered, and the women who atteended had nothing but good things to say about he program. Many students were still talking about all that was discussed at the “State of the Black Woman” as they left the student center. As Alexis Best said  “It opened my eyes and made me realize that I am boss as a Hampton woman and a black woman as well!”

What If?

I want to start a news station, that is all about covering politics in a more “modern way.” Modern in that our goal audience will be young adults, who are now getting most of their information on the go. I want to bring them back to news and politics on television! If  given the opportunity to create this station it would be called “NewViewTV.”

A Profile on an Influential Woman on Campus

Dr. Barbara Inman on the job!

Dr. Barbara Inman, a graduate of Hampton University, chose to come and give back to her Alma Mater in the best way possible; by giving to the students. As vice president for student affairs takes on a lot of responsibilities on Hampton University. From approving certain student activities, to making sure students are reaching their full potential Dr. Inman seems to always be on the run. Dr.  Inman, in addition to directly assisting Hampton University students, she is in charge of developing suitable programing that is able to ” enhance the learning environment on campus and improve the quality of life for students and others.” according to Dr. Inman.  It is Dr. Inman’s job to make sure that student activities will represent Hampton University in the most respectable and reputable manner. When asked about her favorite quote on the job Inman laughs and says “well, I have been told that I say ‘give me your phone’ quite often.” Inman “absolutely loves” her job and would not wish to anything else. She throughly enjoys the bonds she creates with students “they definitely make my time at Hampton…interesting” and she enjoys the people who work with her as well.

It is not easy, however, to do what Dr. Inman does. Having to run all over campus to get things done does “take a toll” on a person, says Inman. At any given moment she may have to give approval on various activities. Inman says when it comes to controversial issues, such as protesting, her job can be difficult. The method for peacefully protesting on Hampton University’s campus is not quite as simple as grabbing a few posters and marching down Colosseum Drive. At Hampton University one must type up a detailed report of what the protest may be about, how many people may be in attendance, and other things of that nature. Once that process is done it must be given to Dr. Inman for approval, and at this time Inman has to decide whether or not the students protest can take place. Dr. Barbara Inman definitely has a lot on her hands at Hampton University, but she loves her job and would not have it any other way.

UPDATE: Handel Resigns, Komen Story Confused

The Practical Vegetarian Weblog

English: Andy Foster and Georgia Secretary of ...THIS IS AN UPDATE TO MY PREVIOUS POST:  Karen Handel resigned from the Susan G. Komen foundation yesterday citing her involvement in the controversial decision to drop Planned Parenthood from its grants programs.  But someone at Komen is not telling the truth.

Although Handel says that it was her influence and decision-making ability to drop Planned Parenthood, Komen founder and CEO Nancy Brinker told MSNBC‘s Andrea Mitchell that Handel had nothing to do with it.

Handel ran for Governor of Georgia on an extreme right, anti-Planned Parenthood platform.  She failed in her attempt at governor but just months after joining Komen, the decision to drop Planned Parenthood was made, a decision for which she claims responsibility.  Komen reversed its decision (see previous post) because of massive outcry.

Clearly, Komen is still scrambling to try and regain public confidence and to bring back long-time donors.  But at this point…

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Women Vote and Women Use Birth Control

Noticing the Gap

Rachel Maddow – An Exercise in Fertility

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Currently all four Republican presidential candidates have taken an extreme stance on birth control. Birth control? Are we really arguing about women’s ability to plan their families in 2012? Yes. As Rachel Maddow points out in the spot on segment above, they are taking a stance on this issue that is even too extreme for the electorate in Mississippi.

Why has birth control become such an issue all of a sudden? I think Rachel hits the nail on the head that the beltway pundits are really missing the point on this one.

I realize that a lot of 60-something male pundits look at this and think it’s bad politics for the Democrats on the Catholic side. There is another way to look it.

That other way to look at it…

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An OGRE’s Twist on Battle of the States

Battle of the States has been a tradition on Hampton University’s campus for many years. This year, however, the tradition has a slight twist. Battle of the States is a annual competition put on by the freshman class. This event is notorious on the campus of HU because it brings classes and regions together for fun and culture, but this year the amount of upperclassmen that will be able to participate will be limited.

The competitors are members from every class representing different regions including; the DMV or Mid-Atlantic (DC, Maryland, and Virginia), the Midwest (Chicago, Ohio, Missouri, Michigan), the South (Georgia, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, the North (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania), and the West Coast (California).  The regions compete in fashion, dance, and talent and are judged by administrators and teachers.

The freshman class (Ogre 15) president, Andrew Williams, wants this years’ Battle of the States to truly be a “freshman event.” In an effort to do so he has limited the amount of upperclassmen that can be involved in each region. Mr. Williams says that he was originally not even going to host battle of the states, forgoing the opportunity and allowing the sophomores to put on the show instead. He changed his mind at the last minute, however, and practices for the upcoming show have already begun. Over the weekend the freshman class were watching videos of past Battle of the States and excitedly gathered ideas to be used this year.

Akeilha Lyons, sophomore (Onyx 9), remembers last years Battle of the States as being one of the high points of freshman year “I got the chance to get to know a lot of people from where I’m from, and as a freshman I needed that.” When told about the plans for this year’s battle Ms. Lyons said, “That makes no sense, the upperclassmen were the ones that made it fun last year, with out us it will be a joke.” The show is still in its planning stages and is subject to change; by the way the upperclassmen are responding a change will occur very, very, soon.

A New View on Politics

Hello all and welcome to my blog! My name is Mariah Crews and I am a sophomore Broadcast Journalism major at the REAL HU: Hampton University. Politics seems to be overlooked when it comes to college students and it is my goal to bring them to the forefront of our minds. I am truly a political junkie so, hopefully, you will become more interested in politics through me! Enjoy!